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Pet Boarding

pet boarding | Whitworth Animal Clinic | Madison, AL

The boarding services’ personnel at Whitworth Animal Clinic not only keep my pets healthy and happy, but also give me peace of mind when I am out of town.

I love the holidays but traveling can be stressful and exhausting. Unfortunately, adding to the stress is finding a veterinarian that offers boarding services and quality care for my dogs that cannot travel with me because of family members with severe allergies. Thankfully, my stress has been alleviated by discovering the pet boarding services at Whitworth Animal Clinic in Madison, Alabama.

Dr. Whitworth and his staff at Whitworth Animal Clinic are highly skilled and trained to offer the best care and attention for my four-legged family members. The pets housed in the boarding area each have their own kennel that is appropriately sized according to the size of my pet. But they aren’t cooped up all day long. The dogs are taken outside regularly and given time to exercise and play out-of-doors several times a day.

As a precautionary measure, Whitworth Animal Clinic requires that all pets boarded in their facilities have up-to-date vaccines for the animals’ health and safety. Whitworth provides my dogs with their blankets and towels. The staff will also feed my dogs food they keep on hand but I prefer to bring in their own food. The staff is more than happy to accommodate specific feeding routines and restrictions as long as I provide instructions.

The clinic does, however, ask that I do not bring in personal toys and chewing bones for my dogs because the staff cannot guarantee that a toy will not become damaged or lost. I think my beloved pets will be happy enough without their toys for a few days anyway.

Whitworth offers day care for pets as well, so if I want to take the day to shop for the holidays, I can leave my dogs in their loving hands and focus on checking off items on my holiday preparations list. As long as I pick up my pets during normal business hours (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.) during the week, there is nothing to worry about.

I know this holiday I will turn to the pet boarding services at Whitworth Animal Clinic for their professional care and doting attention for my pets while I visit family, friends, and loved ones over my holiday vacation. As much fun as I have, I can’t wait to pick up my special guys from Whitworth and see how much fun they had on their vacation away from me! I can also look to Whitworth to check off my holiday boarding task. Learn more here.