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Secondhand Smoke Kills More Than Just Humans

photo of a guy smoking | Whitworth Animal Clinic The harmful effects that come from secondhand smoke are not limited to non-smoking humans; subjecting others with these noxious fumes not only can cause them a great deal of damage, but it can severely harm animals in proximity as well. Numerous pet owners do smoke around their animals and secondhand smoke is not a matter to be taken lightly. In an effort to protect the health of humans and animals alike, precautions and action must be taken.

If you are a smoker, and your animals are exposed to the fumes, you will be critically jeopardizing their health. Those of you that have been to Whitworth Animal Clinic have been introduced to the quality medical and surgical care by Charles D. Whitworth, D.V.M. We urge you to promptly bring any concerns you may have with your pets and secondhand smoke. We understand that you love and nurture your pets, considering them to be a member of the family. Letting Dr. Whitworth examine your cat or dog, and allowing us to answer any questions you may have on the matter, is paramount to your pets’ livelihood.

Animals like cats and dogs are physiologically similar to humans, so if something is toxic to us, it could easily be toxic to animals. People in today’s age have accepted that smoking is harmful to us; nearly 50,000 Americans have lost their lives due to smoking. But now, a growing abundance of research has proven even the smallest of inhaled smoke can also hurt your pets. Secondhand smoke exposure can cause them respiratory damage, nervous system damage, allergies, cancer, and nicotine poisoning. Considering these facts, it is a good idea to make an appointment with Charles D. Whitworth, D.V.M as soon as possible if your animals have been, or continue to be, exposed to secondhand smoke. The first step in finding a solution is to collect as much information about all the risks of smoking and secondhand smoke.

Whitworth Animal Clinic provides the highest quality of medical care and only wants the best for our patients. Secondhand smoke has been harming animals since first exposed and if this continues long term, the effects may be fatal. Owners must take responsibility and secure the happiness and prosperity of their pets by providing the healthiest environment possible. Refrain from smoking around your pets and schedule an appointment at Whitworth Animal Clinic to receive information, diagnosis and treatment; time is of the essence.