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Show Your Pet the Love

WhitworthloveyourpetIn May we celebrate National Pet Month, although in the eyes of pet parents, every day is dedicated to our friends with fur, fins and feathers. In 1981, the American Veterinary Medical Association designated the first full week in May as National Pet Week – a special time for dog devotees, fans of felines, bird buddies and other animal lovers to celebrate our bond with those who bark, purr and chirp. Your pet loves Dr. Whitworth and you do, too. What special ways can you show your pet how valuable they are to you? Whitworth Animal Clinic offers some suggestions for you!

Show Your Dog You Really Adore Them

  • Tame your tail-wagger’s locks by giving your pup a “paw-dicure” Do this by regular brushing, bathing, and nail trimming to keep your canine companion clean and healthy.
  • Plan a puppy playdate: fun with other pooches will help to develop your pup’s socialization skills. You may want to hire a trained professional to be present to make sure the bawwowing buddies are on their best behavior.
  • Enjoy a stroll with your canine companion: a walk with your furry friend is a good form of exercise for both pup and owner.
  • Show your appreciation with a bit of bling: find a dazzling new collar or leash that your dog can show off to his or her four-legged friends.
  • Keep up with your dog’s health with a check-up: remember that regular vet visits will help to ensure your pet’s well-being. You can visit Whitworth Animal Clinic to keep your dog’s health up to par!


Tips on Different Ways to Show Your Cat Love:

  • Give your indoor cat a safe place to sit in the sun and admire birds. A kitty playpen is a great investment for those cats who love the outdoors.
  • Litter box improvements take the stench out of your cat’s restroom routines. Allow your cat enjoy litter that’s always fresh.
  • You’re not the only one who loves sushi, your cat does too! Give him or her a safe, delicious snack containing real tuna.
  • Your cat loves to be above the ground while snoozing. Make an impressive space for your kitty with an awesome cat bed (and make sure it is machine washable).
  • Picky cats really enjoy fresh water, so always have it available, but no ice in it!
  • Does your cat scratch up all your furniture? Give him or her a place to play and scratch away with a special scratching post.
  • Give your indoor cat a place to work-out. Combine their exercise and naptime by getting a multi-level play area with nap zones for amazing playtime for an indoor cat.
  • Show your cat your gratitude with a home cooked meal, especially if he or she has health issues. Find a delicious recipe in a cookbooks for pets.
  • Felines love to chase things. Find a creative toy that utilizes your cat’s natural curiosity to fuel a never-ending hunt to keep them busy.
  • Cuddle, cuddle, cuddle.


bird ladyHow Do I Show Appreciation to My Bird?

  • Provide a healthy and diverse diet. For example, do not feed them just seeds, but also grains, beans, vegetables (cooked and raw), formulated pellets, and some fruit. However, stay away from foods such as: chocolate, avocado, highly processed or overly salted foods, human junk food, and caffeine.
  • Offer your bird the largest living area possible — no space is too big for a creature adapted to flying without limitation.
  • Provide daily exercise and plenty of “out-of-cage time.” This typically includes free flying in a safe, supervised environment. If you want to bird-proof a room for out-of-cage time you should keep birds away from items containing lead and zinc, and from paint chips, ceiling fans, electrical cords, cats and dogs, and open windows.
  • Give your feathered friend an assortment of toys and activities for development.
  • Allow plenty of time for socialization with other birds and/or humans.
  • Give exposure to natural sunlight and/or full-spectrum lighting. Birds need contact with UVA and UVB rays from direct sunlight (windows block necessary UV rays) or full-spectrum lighting to produce vitamin D that is crucial for bone health.
  • Offer daily or weekly misting with a clean spray bottle of water for feather and skin health, and just for fun! It is important to allow the birds to air-dry in a warm room or in the sunshine.
  • Develop games and teach your bird skills like: foraging or treasure hunts, and cleaning up toys by placing them in a bin.
  • Let your bird enjoy the outdoors with you by providing a secure place, carrier, or harness for him or her.
  • Place several perches throughout the home so your bird can benefit from “flock time” while being included in everyday activities like watching TV, making meals, and playing cards or games.


girland guneapigKeep Your Guinea Pig Busy

  • A great toy for guinea pigs is something that keeps the little one busy. Try a hanging toy. To make, take some yarn and get about 60 strands about 6 inches long, fold them in half and tie a long string in the middle to hold it together, and then hang it in a special spot.
  • Put cabbage, bell peppers, carrots, etc. on a piece of string and hang it in your guinea pig’s enclosure.
  • Give your pet some wood from an apple tree, it is harmless and keeps their teeth healthy.
  • Build a place to play out of cardboard and other things your animal likes. Put holes so it can stick its head out, also. Inside of it, put fruits and veggies and they will love it. Make sure to put the food where they can see and eat it!
  • Try putting fruit in a small container and combining it in with food pellets. For a special treat, you can also freeze the mixture.
  • Put pieces of cardboard of a toilet roll together to create a ball with holes in it and put some of your piggie’s favorite treats inside it. Guinea pigs love to roll the ball around and get yummy treats out of it too!
  • Place some small treats, like strawberry tops, above the ground in spots where you can place them. You can use the cage mesh to hold the treats and you should have them so your guinea pig can reach them. Getting them to reach the treats is a good stimulation and it utilizes the guinea pig’s natural instinct to find food like it would in the wild.
  • Make a treat hide and seek game. Take a paper towel tube and cut it open (so your guinea pig will not get stuck in it). Lay it in your guinea pig’s home so they can chew on it. You can also hide a bit of food in it.
  • Make “bag hides” by taking one or two paper bags for the pigs to hide in, they are a big hit. For the best experience, cut a little hole in the back or on the sides.
  • Make a bridge for the guinea pig to play with. Make some arches out of cardboard, or buy some wooden bridges. You can use these arches or bridges for your piggie to run in and out of, or for it to climb on. You can also hide treats here and it always works!
  • Get another guinea pig. The best thing for your pet is some company, the more the merrier! In the wild, this species lives in clusters, so they easily get lonely.
  • Always pet your guinea pig so they can tell that you love them. Also, some guinea pigs are ticklish so watch them smile when you pet them!


Make sure you bring your pet in for vaccinations and well pet exams! Whitworth Animal Clinic is located in Madison, Alabama serving patients from Madison, Huntsville, and surrounding Madison County areas.