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Tips for Capturing Candid Photos of Your Pets

Pet Photography Tips | Whitworth Animal ClinicNothing can quite capture the dynamics and energy of your pet like a candid photo. However, capturing the perfect shot of your pet may seem daunting. In truth, animals are much harder to shoot than people because they rarely sit still. But you really do not need to be a professional in order to capture a few remarkable pictures of your pets. In addition, a high-tech camera with elaborate settings is not a requirement for great pet photography. In fact, a point-and-shoot camera is really all that you need.

Consider Personality

One of the best photography tips is to capture an animal’s personality. Before you begin taking photos, consider what makes your pet different than other animals. Try to capture your pet’s distinct personality on camera. For instance, if you dog is overactive, the best shots will probably be in the park while fetching a stick or rollicking in the river. If your pet is rather lazy, the best shots might be when they first wake up or at their favorite hang-outs after a meal.

Background and Props

Great photography tips include backgrounds that are natural and uncluttered. Always avoid anything busy or distracting such as patterned wallpaper or flower bushes in full bloom.

Props are also important. Good props include treats and toys. Using a dangling or squeaky toy can capture your pet’s attention and can get them playing. Oftentimes the best pictures are during play time. In addition, an animal that loves to beg can be charmed with treats. You will undoubtedly capture the longing and begging eyes of your pet.

Getting up Close

When taking pictures you will want to get up close. Rather than being at a distance, close up pictures allow you to capture different your pets distinct features, the eyes or other facial characteristics. You can also seize finer details like a cats whiskers if your camera has a zoom lens.

Get on Your Knees or on the Ground

Being at an animals level enables you to capture much better pictures. Avoid taking shots from above. Taking photos from an angle looking down will often distort an image. Make sure you and your pet are looking eye to eye. For when you are at your pet’s level, you will have optimal prospects for the ideal shot.

Maintaining Health and Well-being

Capturing the dynamics and spirit of your pet is a shot that can be treasured forever. Photos are lasting memories of you and your family’s experiences, including your pets. And when it comes to getting the best shot, a happy and healthy pet is the most photogenic.

At Whitworth Animal Clinic, we offer a full service animal clinic complete with other professional amenities such as grooming, boarding and dog training. And so your pet stays relaxed, our clinic keeps a very calm environment. Whitworth Animal Clinic is located in Madison and also serves the surrounding areas in north Alabama.