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Worry-Free Pet Boarding

photo of a cute puppy laying on top of a suitcase | Whitworth Animal ClinicLeaving your dog or cat for any length of time is tough on both the pet and the parent. Whitworth Animal Clinic recognizes this and strives to put your mind at ease and make your pet feel at home.

We offer day care and extended stay options for your furry friend. Our experienced staff in both the clinic and the kennel strives to anticipate the needs of your pet and keep them calm, comfortable and content during their stay.

Before making the reservation to board your pet, please be sure that he or she is current on all vaccinations. If the administration of any vaccines is due, please bring the dog or cat to our clinic beforehand and we will update all the necessary shots. This should be done at lease a few days prior to boarding so the medicines can take effect. This precaution is necessary to prevent your pet and the other tenants from contracting such ailments as kennel cough, rabies, hepatitis, parvo and the flu, to name a few. We also recommend a regular regimen of flea and heartworm prevention medicines.

We provide food, but if your pet is on a specific diet or has allergies or discerning tastes, you are welcome to bring his or her favorite food and we will serve that during their stay. We recommend that you leave toys and pillows and such at home so there is no chance of loss or damage.

Your pet will be monitored and walked and entertained periodically for exercise and to prevent boredom. Please let us know if he or she prefers not to interact with other animals, and we will make arrangements for private outings.

Whitworth Animal Clinic is the premier facility in the Madison area and we take pride in our veterinary and boarding services. Please visit our website here to get acquainted with our staff and facilities and to find out information regarding vaccines, pet health, boarding, and other services. We want you to be able to enjoy your time away from home and know that your furry ‘kids’ are healthy and happy, too!