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Socializing Your New Kitty or Puppy

photo of cute puppy kissing a kitten on a white background | Whitworth Animal ClinicPets need to become accustomed to being around people and other animals as early as possible. You definitely don’t want your pet to develop a cold personality. Friendly pets tend to be far happier and more enjoyable to be around. Here are some tips for socializing your new kitten or puppy.

Socializing Kittens

Kittens are adorable animals that can grow to become loyal companions. They desire a great deal of love and affection. One of the most important aspects of socializing a kitten is to make it feel comfortable right away. Keeping a relatively quiet home will certainly help your kitten to adjust to its new surroundings. You don’t want to scare it by blasting the television at a loud volume. Like so many other pets, kittens like to be caressed. Softly stroking the kitten’s body will make it feel at ease. If you have kids at home, teach them to be gentle. Roughly handling a kitten is bound to create a sense of fear.

Whitworth Animal Clinic recommends that you begin the process of socializing at an early age. Don’t be afraid to introduce the kitten to new faces. You certainly can’t forget about the importance of play time. According to experts, you should dedicate at least two hours of your day to spending time with the kitten. Most kittens are usually active and ready to have fun. To keep your kitten entertained, give it a few toys to play with.

Socializing Puppies

As you may have heard, it’s often harder to teach an old dog new tricks. The American Kennel Association reveals that the majority of a dog’s personality is formed during its first four months of life. That’s why it’s important to start socializing puppies in a timely manner. An anti-social puppy is far more likely to become annoyed by the presence of other people. When you first bring your puppy home, give them some time to check out the scene. Over time, it will gradually get used to the new environment.

Nervous and skittish dogs are always at risk of suddenly snapping at strangers on the street. For this reason, it’s a good idea to expose them to different kinds of people while they’re young puppies. Set aside some time to take your puppy outdoors on a regular basis. This will help it to become accustomed to various sights, sounds, and smells. You should also gradually start to familiarize your pup with other animals. However, make sure the interaction is positive and non-frightening.

If you need help socializing your pet, don’t hesitate to contact Whitworth Animal Clinic. Our professional staff will always be there to provide a helping hand. Located in Madison, Whitworth Animal Clinic proudly serves all of the surrounding communities of North Alabama. From pet vaccinations to veterinary surgery, we provide a variety of important services.

* This article is not meant to take the place of professional veterinarian advice. If you have any questions, call the staff at Whitworth Animal Clinic or contact a vet in your area.

Favorite Cat Books for All Ages

photo of a grandfather and grand children reading a bookA cat’s curious nature and funny antics make it an ideal pet for any family. Even single people find cats to be amazing companions. Here are a few cat books that Whitworth Animal Clinic encourages you to put on your reading list.

Cat in the Hat
The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss will forever remain a favorite among children. It is the perfect book for beginning readers.

Cat Spitting Mad: A Joe Gray Mystery
This book is a great read for teenagers and adults. In this entertaining story, two house cats must help solve a mysterious murder. The fate of their friend, who was wrongly accused of the crime, hangs in the balance.

I Could Pee on This: and Other Poems by Cats
If you love a good laugh, don’t miss out on this funny book. As you sit back and read these humorous poems, you are bound to crack a smile at some point.

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes
Kids will love reading Pete the Cat. The cool cartoon pictures make it even more exciting.

Think Like a Cat: How to Raise a Well-Adjusted Cat
Everyone can gain knowledge by reading this book. A world-renowned cat expert details her favorite training tips.

A Street Cat Named Bob
This is a story of how a man and cat become perfect friends. Even through the toughest of times, their bond remains unbreakable.

Into the Wild
Although this is a story about wild cats living in a fantasy world, the characters seem so real. The epic adventures are bound to leave children in awe.

Homer’s Odyssey
Despite being completely blind, Homer won’t let this issue stop him from being a loyal pet. He brings joy to a struggling young woman who needs all the inspiration she can get.

The Best Cat Ever
Rescued from the streets on Christmas night, a cat named Polar Bear grows to become his new owner’s best friend. Over the years, these two pals will share a lot of memorable experiences.

Tailchaser’s Song
If you have a passion for fantasy novels, Tailchaser’s Song is the perfect book for you. The story’s main character, a young cat named Fritti Tailchaser, must survive a world filled with mysterious creatures.

Bad Kitty Books
This is a series of books about Bad Kitty, who has a reputation for being quite mischievous. Expect young children to burst out in laughter at Bad Kitty’s amusing behavior.

Cat Sense
This documentary allows you to see cats from a different perspective. Although Cat Sense deals with the psychology of cats, it has a humorous spin.

The Christmas Day Kitten
Based on a true story, The Christmas Day Kitten is ideal for this upcoming holiday season. A new arrival to the family helps create memories that will last for a lifetime.

Making Rounds with Oscar: the Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat
Although Oscar looks like a regular cat, he has a hidden talent of teaching others about empathy and courage. Oscar helps inspire the entire nursing home where he lives.

Why Paint Cats
While this book often pokes fun at certain cat lovers, its comedy is well worth your time. It is also great for the people who have an appreciation for art.

I Am a Cat
This book is told from the perspective of a stray kitten. It hilariously explains what the young cat actually thinks of humans.

Located in Madison, Whitworth Animal Clinic proudly serves all the surrounding areas in North Alabama. From vaccinations to flea control, our top-rated facility provides a long list of important pet services. Dr. Whitworth and his staff at Whitworth wish all of our clients and their furry family members a happy holiday season!

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Favorite Dog Movies for Holiday Family Viewing

image of a dog watching a movie with popcorn and cokeFor many people, nothing beats spending the holidays with their family and friends. If you are a dog owner, your pooch will also be around to help boost your spirits. Here are a few dog movies that Whitworth Animal Clinic urges you to view this holiday season.

I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown
In this fun Christmas cartoon, Linus and Lucy’s younger brother longs for a new puppy. Snoopy’s brother Spike may prove to be the perfect companion.

The Search for Santa Pause
Santa has gone missing and he needs to be found as soon as possible. Will a team of magical dogs and an elf be able to save Christmas?

Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure
After an elf accidentally crashes Santa’s sled, the magical toy bag comes up missing. To ensure that Christmas goes as planned, Beethoven must help recover this treasured bag from some conniving thieves.

The 12 Dogs of Christmas
It seems as if everyone has forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. This movie shows how a young girl uses dogs to help inspire people.

A Dog Named Christmas
A young man, who is mentally challenged, wants everyone to understand the importance of the town’s “Adopt a Dog for Christmas” program. The staff at Whitworth Animal Clinic recommends this film for true dog lovers.

An All Dogs Christmas Carol
Although this is a funny cartoon, it still manages to highlight the importance of thinking about others. Dealing with a serious injury, Timmy must rely upon friends to recover the money for his operation.

Santa Buddies
If you want to get inspiration for the holidays, be sure to watch Santa Buddies. It is bound to put a smile on everyone’s face.

The Dog Who Saved Christmas
The fate of a family’s Christmas rests in a lone dog. Can he overcome the thieves who have no intentions of giving up easily?

Up on the Wooftop
While Toby is an extremely small dog, he maintains his dream of one day leading Santa’s sleigh.

Chilly Christmas
Chilly is a beach dog that has always lived in sunny California. When his family decides to move to the big city of New York, they plan to find him a new owner. However, Chilly and an 11-year-old boy refuse to let that happen.

One Christmas Eve
In this heartwarming movie, a loving puppy helps reunite a family who has been dealing with a recent divorce.

Dog of Flanders
Suffering from a great deal of physical abuse, a neglected dog is fortunately nursed back to health by a young boy and his grandfather. As you watch the movie, you will discover why this dog becomes such an important part of their life.

Lost Christmas
Don’t miss out on Lost Christmas if you love the sight of a cute puppy. It shows the power of miracles.

Located in Madison, Whitworth Animal Clinic proudly serves Huntsville, Decatur, and the surrounding areas in north Alabama. Led by Dr. Charles Whitworth, our facility provides a number of important pet services. Whitworth Animal Clinic wishes all of our clients and their furry family members a happy holiday season!

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Don’t Neglect your Cat: 3 Reasons Vet Visits are Important

photo of a veterinarian holding a cat and using a stethoscope on its neckDid you know that pet owners are much more likely to bring their dogs to the vet than their cats? Yet cats have just as many potential health problems as dogs, and there’s no doubt that cats are just as loved by their owners as dogs are.

Cats just have a way of appearing self-sufficient. Yet outdoor and indoor-outdoor cats are running risks every day that can be minimized with a quick trip to the Vet. Indoor cats may appear immune to certain diseases, but this is a false sense of security that leads some owners to think their cats don’t need care. Here are three reasons that vet visits are as essential for cats as they are dogs.

Hiding Their Feelings

Pain isn’t expressed by a cat like it may be in a dog. Accustomed as cats are to taking care of their own hygiene, most cats deal with their problems independently of humans. Even the cuddliest feline is as good at hiding its feelings as it is at simply hiding. Loud complaining cats hide their real problems behind their imaginary complaints. Furthermore, not all disorders cause pain, and yet they are doing damage day by day. This makes it essential to see the Vet regularly. A gentle exam and lab work may reveal what the cat can’t tell you. It also provides a benchmark for the next visit to the Whitworth Animal Clinic.

Preventative Care

Veterinary care has developed ways to monitor, prevent and treat diseases once fatal to cats. Although it can be a struggle to get your cat into its crate, it is definitely worth the trouble to bring him or her to Whitworth Animal Clinic. Simple, routine testing can reveal small problems before they turn into big ones. Regular medications may bring a lethargic cat back to its playful self. Heartworm prevention will ensure that your cat lives a longer, healthier life. Other issues such as flea prevention and diet problems can be resolved. Preventative dental care can ensure a cat’s teeth remain healthy throughout its lifespan. Since cats age at a rate four times that of humans, you could say a yearly visit equals a human being seeing the doctor only once every four years. That puts in perspective how critical it is to bring your cat regularly to the Vet. In the long run, preventative care is much more cost effective than advanced treatments, and it reassures you that your cat is as healthy as it can be. Whitworth Animal Clinic wants to be your partner in extending the life of your cat.

Age-Appropriate Care

Many people are aware of how quickly a kitten’s health can turn. Kittens are growing rapidly. They no sooner enter one stage than they start moving on to the next. This makes regular kitten visits essential. As they age, it is important to remember that cats age faster than humans. This includes the progression of diseases. Lab work may be perfect at the year mark and reveal a big problem six months later. The key is regular visits to catch problems early. This may also save money by preventing emergency visits when it may be too late to correct a problem. At Whitworth Animal Clinic, we often find ourselves explaining that indoor cats are just as susceptible to disease. In fact, since many live longer than outdoor cats, you could say they are more likely to develop cancer, diabetes and other problems. Senior cats need special care and extra monitoring to catch the onset of an illness. Managing senior health problems can extend the life of your cat. If you have questions about age-appropriate care, the staff at Whitworth Animal Clinic is ready with answers and solutions.

Bring your cat to Whitworth Animal Clinic for a check up. Let us partner with you for the life of your pet.

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Tips on socializing your puppy


Whether you are a new dog owner or you have raised several types of puppies, the term “socialization” will eventually come up in your circle of friends. Although the term is unfamiliar to some, it is a “must know” when it comes to having a well-behaved and happy adult.

What is Socialization?

Socialization of a dog involves the process of preparing your pet so that it establishes positive behaviors around other animals, people and places. Generally it is best to “socialize” your dog between 4 and 14 weeks of age. This period is crucial for developmental stages. It is when your puppy is more sensitive and receptive to new experiences. In fact, quality positive experiences during their sensitive period are vital for your pet’s disposition. Specialists agree that negative experiences during these times can also have long-lasting damaging effects. Socialization is essential if you desire to form positive behavior so that your puppy develops into a secure and happy adult.

When to Train

Although 3 to 14 weeks is ideal for socialization, it is never too late to help your dog socialize. Older dogs really can be trained; it just takes more time. Make sure to keep the experience positive when exposing your pet to new dogs, people and places.

Tips on Socialization

It is relatively pretty easy to socialize your animal especially when you keep the experience positive. However, there are a few tips that can help the process along.


Always start slow or small when introducing your pet to something unfamiliar. For example, introduce the vacuum cleaner while it is turned off. Next, move the vacuum cleaner while it is off. The next cleaning, turn the vacuum on but be in a room on the other side of the house. Never force your dog, allow him to approach the item on his own. Use encouragement and a happy voice. Feeding your pup treats is also a good technique when your pet is near the object. Also, make sure that your puppy focuses on you as well as the item.

Take Your Puppy to the Dog Park

Rendering to the American Kennel Club (AKC), it is important to give your dog ample stimulation, encouragement and socialization or the risk of fearful or aggressive behavior is increased. As well, the AKC) adds that your dog is more apt to bark and have separation anxiety. One of the best ways to add more exercise and socialization is to take your pet to the dog park on a regular basis. Never force your dog and always avoid over-stimulation. Introduce your pet to the dog park by a brief first visit then gradually increase the time. In addition, make sure to pick up after your dog during your visits.

Handle with Care

One of the best ways to ensure that your puppy grows up to be a friendly and confident dog is to have socialization and a variety of sensations for them to experience when they are a puppy and adolescent. One of the most important sensations for a pup is the way they are handled. According to the Animal Humane Society, young puppies need to be handled and cuddled every day and by as many people as possible. The contact should always be nice and gentle. As well, your pet should be held in a variety of positions. Other handling methods include rubbing her muzzle, stroke her back and sides, gently fondling her feet and make sure to look into her ears.

Whitworth Animal Clinic

If you have any concerns or you are unclear about how to socialize your puppy, always contact an experienced veterinarian. In addition, make sure to schedule an appointment while your puppy is still young and easier to train.

At Whitworth Animal Clinic, Dr. Whitworth provides top quality care for your canine. In fact, Charles D. Whitworth, D.V.M. has more than thirty years devotion as a Madison veterinarian. In fact, as a young kid in third grade Dr. Whitworth began his passion for animals and veterinarian life.

If you have any questions about socializing your puppy, contact Whitworth Animal Clinic. The clinic is conveniently located in Madison and serves the surrounding area including north Alabama and communities of Madison like Huntsville and Decatur.

Note: This article is not meant to replace professional medical advice. If you have any questions or concerns about socializing your puppy, make an appointment at Whitworth Animal Clinic.

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Canine distemper is now an improved combination vaccine

photo of veterinarian giving a vaccine to the labrador puppy

Canine distemper is a virus that your dog can catch from another dog in a number of different ways. Some of the circumstances that may lead your pet to contract canine distemper include:

  • Contact with another dog’s fresh urine, blood, or saliva
  • Being near another infected pets’ sneezes or coughs
  • Sharing food or water with another pet who has the virus

If your dog shows the following signs of canine distemper, it’s urgent that you see your Madison or north Alabama veterinarian immediately. It’s important to vaccinate your pet against this virus that can lead to central nervous system disorders and even death if not detected, treated, or vaccinated against with a canine distemper vaccination. Some of the symptoms of canine distemper may include the following:

  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Thick mucus discharge from eyes and nose
  • Fever
  • Loss of energy
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Depression
  • Loss of appetite

Canine distemper can be prevented in most cases. Puppies and younger dogs are especially susceptible to catching the virus if they haven’t been properly vaccinated, with the first shots given at 6-8 weeks of age. By the time your pet is 4-5 months old, the vaccinations should be completed.

There now exists new and improved combination vaccines to protect your pet against this virus that can spread very quickly. The improved canine distemper combination vaccine is written in a number of different ways on your dog’s health records. It may be recorded as either DHPP, DA2PP, DHPPV, or DA2PPV. This updated combination vaccine protects your dog against canine distemper, canine adenovirus-2 infection, canine parvovirus, and parainfluenza. These are all crucial vaccines included in just one injection to protect your pet from distemper, hepatitis and respiratory diseases, the parvovirus, which can cause death in 90% of untreated dogs, and the canine flu. Your vet may recommend including other distemper combination vaccine elements that protect against leptospirosis, a bacterial infection of the kidneys and liver that can be transmitted to humans. Another component can protect against bordetella, otherwise known as kennel cough. This disease is easily contracted by dogs who are boarded in kennels or regularly interact with other dogs in parks or grooming salons.

If you live in Madison or its surrounding areas and you are concerned about your dog contracting canine distemper, call Dr. Charles Whitworth DVM, who serves the communities of Madison, Huntsville, Decatur and surrounding areas in north Alabama at the Whitworth Animal Clinic.

Keep your pet healthy with the help of our staff at Whitworth Animal Clinic, where you can take advantage of the many services we offer, including pet wellness, surgery, and emergency care. Contact our staff members at Whitworth Animal Clinic today to make an appointment so we can care for your best friend.

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Tips on Grieving the Loss of a Pet

older Labrador Retriever at the vet laying on the tableFor a pet owner, nothing is more heartbreaking than having to say goodbye to their loving companion. It is an emotional event that can impact your entire family. Here are some tips to help you overcome the loss of a pet.

Remember the Good Times

While it is perfectly normal to feel sorrow, don’t allow negative thoughts to keep you down. The best approach is to focus on the good times you had together. Whether you are remembering a fun family vacation or thinking about your pet’s funniest bloopers, you are bound to crack a smile at some point. Always try to keep a positive attitude.

Give Your Pet a Memorial

According to a study, some people actually feel more attached to their pet than anyone else. By giving your pet a proper farewell ceremony, you will be able to experience a sense of closure. Don’t be afraid to express your true feelings. Although you can expect to shed a few tears, it will be the first step towards moving on with your life. Bringing out a few happy pictures will really help ease the pain.

Find a Support Group

When dealing with the death of a pet, it is a good idea to lean on others for encouragement. While your family and friends are always a great source of comfort, you can also join a support group. Online pet communities have recently started to become very popular. There are plenty of other compassionate pet owners who can relate to your experience. Whitworth Animal Clinic can certainly point you in the right direction.

Put Your Feelings in a Journal

If you are unable to talk about the loss of your pet, consider creating a journal. A written tribute will forever keep your pet’s memory alive. Most importantly, it helps prevent long-term sadness. As you are writing, you will be able to let your emotions just pour out.

Stay Active

Sitting around constantly grieving will only add to your stress. Make it a priority to get out of the house. Doing something fun will help boost your spirits. Over time, you will gradually begin to feel some relief.

While losing a pet can be disheartening, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You can count on Whitworth Animal Clinic to help you overcome the grief. Located in Madison, our facility welcomes everyone in North Alabama and the surrounding areas. From routine vaccinations to emergency care, we provide a number of important pet services.

This article does not take the place of professional veterinarian advice. Please call Whitworth Animal Clinic if you have any questions.

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Dog Flu Update

photo of dog with an ice bag on its head | dog fluThe recent dog flu outbreak has definitely caused some concern for a lot of local pet owners. It is a highly contagious virus that has now been reported in a number of different states. This means that all dogs are at risk. Here are some valuable tips to help keep your own dog safe from canine influenza.

Dog Flu Signs and Symptoms

If your dog is dealing with a mild case of canine influenza, expect to notice respiratory symptoms such as coughing and a runny nose. Decreased energy is yet another common sign of the dog flu. Within a period of 15-30 days, your dog should be able to fully recover. According to the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association, the overwhelming majority of dog flu cases are not fatal.

On the other hand, a severe bout of the dog flu demands immediate attention. Waiting too long to seek treatment could lead to pneumonia. Be on the lookout for symptoms such as a high fever and bloody coughs. The best approach is to have your dog examined by Whitworth Animal Clinic. In the event that a secondary bacterial infection is detected, Charles Whitworth, D.V.M. may prescribe an antibiotic.

How Does the Dog Flu Spread?

Dogs that are regularly exposed to other dogs are far more likely to catch this virus. From sharing toys to simply touching noses, there are plenty of different ways to get infected with the dog flu. Places, such as dog parks and grooming salons, are obviously hot spots for canine influenza.

How Can You Help Prevent the Dog Flu?

While the dog flu is not 100 percent preventable, there are some effective ways to keep it at bay. Be especially careful about taking your dog to certain facilities. If you’ve heard about a particular dog flu outbreak, don’t hesitate to keep your pet at home. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has also approved a vaccine for the dog flu. However, you will first need to speak with a veterinarian to determine if a flu shot is recommend for your dog.

Located in Madison, Whitworth Animal Clinic proudly serves the entire North Alabama area. If your pet is dealing with symptoms related to canine influenza, be sure to contact the clinic as soon as possible. We provide a variety of important pet services, including emergency care and vaccinations. You can always count on Charles Whitworth, D.V.M. to provide expert treatment.

*This article does not take the place of professional veterinarian advice. Please call Whitworth Animal Clinic if you have questions or a vet practice in your area.

© 2017 Whitworth Animal Clinic. All rights reserved.

How to dodge kennel cough

photo of dog on a brown leather couch under blanket looking sick and exhausted | Whitworth Animal ClinicKennel cough is a common respiratory disease that can easily spread from one dog to the next. Although most dogs recover from kennel cough in a week or so, complications can also arise from this widespread infection. Pneumonia is by far one of the most dangerous ailments that can stem from kennel cough. You must take the necessary steps to keep your pet safe.

How to Protect Against Kennel Cough

If your dog is frequently around other dogs, the risk of him or her getting kennel cough increases dramatically. Dog parks, grooming salons, and training facilities are all places where kennel cough tends to circulate. The close interaction can expose even the healthiest of dogs to the disease. Sharing toys and water bowls can definitely transfer kennel cough. American Humane reveals that puppies and young adult dogs are especially at risk.

To give your dog an extra layer of protection against kennel cough, the best approach is to get all of the necessary vaccines. According to Charles D. Whitworth, DVM, the Bordetella bronchiseptica vaccine is highly recommended. It has been proven to lessen the effects of kennel cough. Before taking your dog to a facility, make sure that it requires pets to receive both the distemper vaccine and the bordetella vaccine. The extra peace of mind is well worth it.

What Happens if Your Dog Catches Kennel Cough?

Unfortunately, this disease is not fully preventable. Even if you are extremely cautious, kennel cough still remains a threat. A deep, hacking cough is one of the tell-tale signs that your dog is infected. Whitworth Animal Clinic urges you to get your pet examined as soon as possible. By quickly taking action, you can help prevent the seriousness of the disease. Blood work and chest X-rays will enable Charles D. Whitworth, DVM to rule out any underlying conditions such as pneumonia. While recovering from kennel cough, your dog needs to remain somewhat isolated from other dogs. Remember, it is an extremely contagious disease that spreads quickly.

If you live in Madison or the surrounding areas of North Alabama, be sure to contact Whitworth Animal Clinic. Charles D. Whitworth, DVM and the rest of the staff take great pride in caring for pets. Not only does this facility provide vaccines, but it also offers other important services such as veterinary surgery and microchipping. Don’t hesitate to set up an appointment for your pet.

This article does not take the place of professional veterinarian advice. Please call Whitworth Animal Clinic or a vet practice in your area if you have any questions.

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Exercise for your dog benefits you

photo of a girl with golden retriever in parkDon’t allow your dog to become a lazy couch potato that only wants to eat and sleep. Not only do active dogs live longer, but they also tend to be happier pets. Let’s examine the ways that exercise can benefit dog owners.

A more peaceful home

If you live with a canine that constantly barks, expect to experience your fair share of restless nights. It is a big headache that will only become worse over time. Exercising can definitely help calm down your four-legged family member. Dogs are natural explorers that love stimulating walks. A relaxing stroll through the park will definitely help eliminate excessive woofing.

Fewer medical bills

According to a report from CNBC, exercising is one of the least expensive ways to help your pet live longer. Physically fit dogs experience far less medical problems in the long run. Regular exercise will strengthen a dog’s heart and bolster its immune system. Physical activity also helps your dog to maintain the ideal weight.

Less destructive

A bored dog will cause you a lot of problems. From chewed shoes to torn sofa cushions, the amount destruction will eventually take its toll. When the boredom simply becomes too much to take, some dogs may even try to escape. Exercising enables dogs to release built-up energy and tension. After going for a fun stroll around the neighborhood, you can expect your dog to be on its best behavior.

A tighter bond

Instead of sitting at home watching television with your dog, spend some time outdoors. It’s in a dog’s nature to run and play. A basic game of fetch will truly make their day. Tug of war is yet another exciting activity. Whitworth Animal Clinic encourages dog owners to have a good time. You will be helping create a tight bond that never becomes broken.

A more confident dog around others

In order for a dog to become more sociable, it must get accustomed to experiencing different environments. Avoid keeping your dog completely sheltered from the outside world. While walking the streets of North Alabama, your dog will gradually become used to meeting new people and interacting with other pets.

Located in Madison, Whitworth Animal Clinic proudly serves the entire North Alabama area. From pet vaccinations to emergency care, we provide a wide range of important services. You can always count on our team of professionals to make your pet a top priority. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us.

This article does not take the place of professional veterinarian advice. Please call Whitworth Animal Clinic or a vet practice in your area if you have questions.

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