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Pet Grooming
Shannon McKinney | Groomer | Whitworth Animal Clinic

Shannon is giving this Standard Poodle extra special grooming at Whitworth.

If you are looking for Madison pet grooming services, then contact us at Whitworth Animal Clinic to set up an appointment with our professional groomer, Shannon McKinney. With many years of experience, Shannon has worked with Whitworth Animal Clinic since 2007. Not only does Shannon do an outstanding job making each and every pet she works with beautiful, but she provides a calming influence that gradually trains your pet not to be afraid of getting a haircut, bath, or other grooming service like a nail trim.

However, Shannon doesn’t just provide basic grooming services. Instead, she screens each animal for potential skin issues or ear problems in the course of a routine appointment, alerting Dr. Whitworth or one of the Whitworth Animal Clinic staff members to a possible issue. Additionally, Shannon enjoys providing owners with grooming maintenance tips like the latest brushing methods in order to keep your pet’s hair brushed and skin healthy between grooming appointments.

Dog Grooming and Cat Grooming

Dog Bathing | Whitworth Animal Clinic | Madison, AL

Thorough grooming services are available at Whitworth.

Shannon provides exceptional grooming services for both cats and dogs. After meeting with you and your pet, she will make recommendations for what will best meet the needs of your pet’s coat to keep it healthy. A grooming appointment includes hair cutting/trimming, bathing and conditioning as well as trimming the nails, cleaning the ears and expressing the glands. Because there is uniqueness in style with certain breeds or particular features you like for your pet, our pet grooming prices are not listed online but Shannon will be happy to speak with you about an estimate. Shannon works by appointment so please give our office a call to set up your pet’s grooming.

To learn more about our grooming services in general, to discuss package pricing, or to reserve an appointment time with our Madison pet grooming professional today, give our office a call at (256) 830-1503.

Dog toenail clipping | Whitworth Animal Clinic | Huntsville, AL

We are experts at trimming toenails!