Flea ControlNote from your dog: #fleasareannoying

A nagging itch that quickly becomes a regular annoyance for your pet is a good signal that it is time to think about pet flea control. This potential battle can be avoided when pet owners arm themselves with knowledge and take action early. The best place to start arming yourself with the right kind of information is by taking advantage of our experts. At Whitworth Animal Clinic, we have a variety of treatments that can protect your pet against the damaging effects that fleas and other parasitic pests can inflict. In addition to our preventative and safe treatments for cleansing, we can answer questions that pet owners may have when it comes to their specific options for pet flea control.

Biting and Scratching is NOT Good

Fleas can cause animals to bite and scratch at the surface of the skin in order to soothe the itching they experience when they are bitten. Failure to address this issue can lead to the formation of scabs and permanent scaring on your pet’s skin. In addition to the minor irritation caused by a mild flea infestation, a pet that is allergic to fleas can experience severe swelling and itching from the bite of only one flea. It is actually very common for a pet to suffer from a flea allergy. Skin problems are not limited to flea infestation, however. Some pets suffer from dermatitis of the skin. This disorder causes scratching and redness, as well. It can be caused by a number of environmental factors, which include, fleas and ticks.

Side Effects of Fleas

Dermatitis of this kind is known as parasitic dermatitis. It can result from a large number of parasitic insects that include deer flies, chiggers, gnats, and other pesky creatures. By bringing your itchy pet to the Whitworth Animal Clinic, we can diagnose the problem and come up with the proper treatment for your pet. Whether the problem is best handled by regular shampoos or the application of prescription treatments, we will assist in devising a solution for your pet’s comfort.

Call Whitworth Animal Clinic to get on the right path to end your flea and tick problems. Medicine that works is available. Your pet will thank you if you make an appointment with Dr. Whitworth in Madison, AL.

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