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Veterinary Health Certificates

At Whitworth Animal Clinic, we issue veterinary health certificates that are valid anywhere in the U.S or anywhere where officials require an animal health certificate. We issue certificates to dogs and cats that will be transported outside of Alabama. After an initial examination, we issue a certificate to you in order to satisfy transportation requirements for your animals.

For those who transport animals across the country and the world, it’s a common requirement to present a certificate of health along with your pet upon arrival. States and countries consider it a priority to allow only healthy, disease-free animals into their jurisdiction. According to U.S federal law, an animal health certificate must accompany any dog or cat that is being commercially transported outside of your state. This regulation helps to ensure that pets don’t spread disease from across state lines.

When transporting animals abroad, the different countries throughout the world may have similar requirements. Animal owners who transport their pets within Alabama and in their own private vehicle are not required to have a health certificate. However, if you are traveling across state lines, a health certificate may be needed. You may also need a health certificate to involve your animal or animals in certain programs, clubs, or events.

We take pride in our staff at Whitworth Animal Clinic. Our team is helpful, friendly, and willing to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about obtaining a health certificate for your pet. Our clinic in Madison provides veterinary health certificates to residents who need to transport their animals properly to their end destination. Schedule your appointment today to obtain your animal health certificate. Our staff is available to answer any questions you might have and address any further needs or concerns.