Walking the dog can make you feel like the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz—whirling and twirling in all directions with arms going every which way. Stop being the Scarecrow and get your hound a harness to make walking more pleasant and safe.

Buy Your Dog a harnessThe old-fashioned collar and leash can lead to some unsafe conditions for walking. If your dog is big and strong or smaller and strong, a harness can give you better ability to guide and control him. Harnesses take the pressure off the dog’s neck and spread it out to the stronger areas of the torso. Trachea injuries can occur with a traditional leash and collar. A harness will help avoid injury to your pet and prevent him from escaping.

When purchasing a harness, make sure to take the dog with you to the pet store. If purchasing online, be sure to measure carefully. There are many types of harnesses and the fit and fabric are important. Look for a padded, adjustable model that will be easy to put on and take off. Make sure the construction and fabric are durable. Ideally, the harness you select should be compatible with car seat belts to prevent danger or injury to your pet while in the vehicle. Everyone should be strapped in for safety.

A small squirrel, bird, or cat can make a dog go wild. Harnessing your dog can prevent twisting and tangling you and your pet in the leash. With a leash attached to a harness, it’s a lot easier to control excitement and avoid harm to you and your dog. Since the harness is more comfortable than the collar, the dog is more relaxed and will be easier to train.

After the walk, it’s best to remove the harness so it does not irritate the dog’s skin or rub the fur. When it’s time to walk again, your dog will be happy to see the harness and go outside for a new adventure.

Feel free to ask the staff at Whitworth Animal Clinic any questions you may have about purchasing and using a harness with your dog.