Dog Nail Biting

dog nail biterDog nail biting wasn’t really talking about your dog biting your nails! Pretty cute though!

It’s when you hear this chomping and crunching coming from your dog actually chewing on their toe nails.

Nail biting is not an attractive habit for humans and is not a healthy habit for animals, as well. Whether it’s an occasional chew or your pet is a chronic nail biter, it’s not a normal activity for dogs and can indicate a number of problems.

Allergies are on one of the top reasons dogs gnaw on their toes. Spring and summer can bring on allergic reactions from fleas, pollen, mold and other environmental allergens such as dust mites and food allergies. Nail biting can be one of the signs that your dog has an allergy. If your dog shows signs every year, or year round, they are more likely to have canine atopy.

The main sign of atopy is itchiness which often occurs between the toes. Dr. Charles Whitworth can recommend treatments to keep the allergy under control and from areas such as around toes nails, from becoming infected.

Another reason your dog my turn to nail biting is out of boredom or anxiety. Whatever the reason, excessive nail biting can be harmful as it can cause bleeding, irritation, and infections.

Pet Pedicures

While some might think keeping Fido’s paws quaffed, nail trimming is important for the long-term health of all dogs. Overgrown nails can break easily and below the quick, which can be very painful for the dog. In addition, if nails are left overgrown for a long period of time, they can cause difficulty with walking, pain and soreness that could lead to arthritis.

If you can’t bring yourself to trim your pups nails, you can depend on the expert nail trimmers at Whitworth Animal Clinic to do the job. You and your dog will both be happy!

Check out the American Kennel Club for more about dog allergies.