How Is My Dog Smarter?

Dog Smarter

It really does stand to reason why most people feel dogs are not intelligent. After all, dogs eagerly drink out of the toilet and consume rubbish out of the trash. However, recent studies have shown that dogs are much smarter than your think.

Heightened Domesticated Senses

Although, the common dog could not last in the wilderness like their wolf cousin, they are highly adept to communicating with humans. In fact, their social savvy has made them the most flourishing mammal on the planet aside from humans. Moreover, dogs understand a human’s physical and behavioral cues and can often interpret what is needed. For instance, a dog will respond with a wag of their tail or by tilting their head. And according to a post on The Guardian, research shows that dogs are better at interpreting cues more than chimps or human babies are.

Dogs smart  Enough to Show Guilt?

Most animals do not have the faintest idea what you are referring to when they are being reprimanded for doing something bad. However, dogs will actually look guilty when caught red handed. And even if they do not know what they are in trouble for, they will often look sorry and apologetic. As well, a dog will use this same “apologetic” tactic when you show disapproval or anger.

Extensive Vocabulary

Dogs actually have a very extensive vocabulary. They not only remember many words but they understand them. In fact, most dogs can understand and comprehend more than 1,000 words.

And as it happens, a few ingenious dogs know the names of numerous objects (hundreds to thousands).

Body Language

Sometimes a dog completely refuses to obey. But their disobedience is not due to stupidity but rather clever observation. In fact, dogs will often decide how obedient they want to be. For instance, if you command your dog to fetch while you are reading the daily paper chances are that your dog will not obey. This is because your body language shouts “lazy” and not too serious action. On the other hand, when you have eye contact with your dog and stand directly in front of them, your dog is apt to obey.

The small instance shows that your dog can distinguish the slight difference in your body language and knows when or when not to obey.

Learn Fast by Example

When put to the test without any example first, a dog will fail miserably. However, a dog can quickly solve a puzzle or challenge if you give them an example first. For instance, placing a favorite treat on the other side of a fence will be perplexing for a dog. But if you show the dog how to get to the treat by walking around the fence, they will quickly resolve the problem.

How can you Help to make Your dog a smarter Dog?

We all know that diet is important for both physical and mental health. The same discipline also applies to dogs. And when the body is healthy, it functions at its best. Moreover, having regular check-ups ensures that your dog is in optimal health.

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