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How to Stop Separation Anxiety in Dogs

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Separation Anxiety in Dogs Separation anxiety in dogs is a very real illness. It’s a pet’s inflated terror over parting from its owners. Like flawless individuals, flawless animals don’t exist. The holidays can entail less time with family members, children in school all day, holiday traveling, shopping, etc. That can initiate separation [...]

Left or Right Paw – Which Does Your Dog Prefer?

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Sit, Shake - Pet Paw Preference Left or right paw, which one does your dog prefer? One of the first things we learn as kids is whether we are left handed, right handed, or ambidextrous. Which hand is the most comfortable to manipulate and write with becomes almost immediately obvious, even [...]

Tips on socializing your puppy

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Whether you are a new dog owner or you have raised several types of puppies, the term “socialization” will eventually come up in your circle of friends. Although the term is unfamiliar to some, it is a “must know” when it comes to having a well-behaved and happy adult. What [...]

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