tips for walking your dog

Dogs are the healthiest and happiest when they get the right amount of exercise. Walking with your dog also helps maintain a good bond and reinforces you as the leader. As a matter of fact, the renowned Cesar’s Way states that by walking in front of your dog you show that you are seen as the pack leader.

And when it comes to walking your dog, there are certain tips that can help train your dog right and also make the walk a lot more enjoyable.

Take the Lead

It is important to take the lead and stay in the front of your dog. That way you are perceived as the leader. On the other hand, if you allow your dog to control the walk then you make him the boss. Also, you need to be the first out the door and the first one in, and during your walk either be beside your dog or in the front.

Have the Right Gear

Like people, dogs have their own unique preferences and comfort levels. Some dogs do best with a head halter while other dogs function best with a flat collar. To reduce pulling and support safety, choose a front clip harness for your dog. In fact, most dogs easily adapt to a front clip harness, which makes the walk a lot more pleasant.

Carry Treats

You should always have treats available to encourage good behavior. In fact, treats are especially valuable when the command “leave it” is needed. For example, you can reward you dog when they leave certain things alone like a cat, squirrel or a strong scent of another dog.

Leave the Phone at Home

This is your dog’s time, so leave the phone at home. It is a time to enjoy walking with your dog and to create memories. If you stop and look, you will notice that your dog couldn’t be happier. And after the walking, both you and your dog will have a much better perspective on life.

Keep a Routine

Like children, dogs need a consistent routine. If you take a 30-minute walk every morning, then try to stick to the ritual. As well, makes sure they get their daily evening stroll, it gives them comfort and a sense of security.

Hierarchy vs. Bonding

Although the two may seem conflicting, hierarchy and bonding can be attained with a daily walk. In fact, the walking routine creates a great bond between you and your pet. It also establishes the leader, and that is you.

Exercise and Contentment

Walking provides a plethora of benefits both for the body and the mind. It offers you and your dog, great exercise and also mental stimulation that are very satisfying. After the walk, your dog will be tired from the walk and mentally satisfied from all the stimuli of animal scents, tracking certain smells and observing all movement. And at the end of the day, your dog will be well balanced from the day’s activities and much calmer.

Whitworth Animal Clinic

Daily walks for your dog are highly important to keep him fit and healthy. And for optimum health, your dog needs a regular check-up with a professional veterinarian. At Whitworth Animal Clinic, you can be rest assured that your pet will receive the very best care. In addition, Dr. Charles Whitworth can recommend the perfect amount of time your dog needs to walk on a daily basis. Moreover, a check-up will determine your dog’s health status including optimum weight, condition of his heart, needed vaccinations and other health conditions or concerns.

For any questions about walking your dog or about regular check-ups, contact Whitworth Animal Clinic. As well, make an appointment as soon as possible if there any concerns. Whitworth Animal Clinic is located in in Madison, Alabama and serves the communities of Madison, Huntsville, Decatur and the surrounding areas in north Alabama.