Going Back to ‘Normal’ Can Have Effects on Your Pet

Pet separation Anxiety

Pet separation anxiety could become a real problem once your family goes back to normal after COVID restrictions. As many people have been at home for much more time than they had been throughout the COVID shut down, your pets have been enjoying all the extra time with you. Whether you have a 10-year-old dog or a puppy you got while you have been home more, it is important to get them prepared for when you do return to work, school,  or a more normal routine of being away from home and away from them more than they have grown accustomed to avoid pet anxiety separation along with behavior problems.

Pet Separation Anxiety

Pet owners/fosters are enjoying their pets more than usual, as are the pets loving all of that attention. For many it’s a therapeutic bond; however, people have likely not thought about what it will mean not only to them, but to the dogs, cats, and other pets, when everyone goes back to their busy lives and all that loving attention goes back to normal. Sadly, for dogs that often means very little attention and rare walks, which can cause separation anxiety.

Pet separation anxiety can be a very expensive behavior because it often leads to costly home repairs or replacing ingested or soiled items, and vet bills for sick pets (some of whom won’t survive what was ingested).  Pet owners need to learn what they can do to reduce or prevent their pets from destructive behavior now while they have the time. Many won’t have time once they return to their pre-pandemic lives.

Get Your Pet Back on a Routine

First, if you have tossed all routine to the wind since the pandemic started, then it is time to get your pet on a routine now and not go cold turkey when the time comes.

Get back on your pre-pandemic routine as far as feeding times. walking time and play time. If you have a super energetic dog and have the financial means, doggy daycare is a great outlet for them to play for longer periods while you are at work. Or hiring a pet sitter to walk them mid day if you don’t like leaving them confined for a full work day.