What To Do, What Not To Do in Hot Weather

What To Do, What Not To Do in Hot Weather Summer is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and hot weather with your pet. Daily exercise is beneficial for your dog, but there are some safety issues to be aware of when taking that summer stroll [...]

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Keep Your Pets Safe in Summer

Summer is a fun time for you and your pets. Simply being able to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and good times makes everyone feel happier. Although your pets probably love the warmer weather, they can also be uncomfortable when temperatures turn hot and the air is saturated with humidity. [...]

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Pets with Allergies: Itching and Licking

Pets With Allergies Humans sneeze and sniffle; pets itch and lick. Although the symptoms are different, the cause is allergies, and it can make both pets and their humans feel miserable. Pollens, dust mites, fleas, and foods can all trigger allergies, and your pet’s veterinarian can help you identify the cause [...]

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May is National Pet Month

May is National Pet Month, and it is all about your favorite dog or cat and promoting responsible pet ownership. As we all know, raising a pet comes with a lot of responsibility for the pet owners. After all, it is their job to provide adequate care, support, nutrition and a safe shelter for [...]

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Heartworm Prevention

Did you know that mosquitoes can be deadly insects to people and animals alike? Mosquitos are known to carry many diseases all throughout the country and when bitten, people and animals can be affected. With the warm summer nights just ahead it is important to think about the precautions you should [...]

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Does Your Dog Have Dandruf?

Or Maybe It's Dry Skin Dry skin in dogs is a condition also known as dermatosis. It is characterized by a dull coat, flaking skin, and itchiness. Dogs with this condition may also have skin that is red and irritated. Dry skin in dogs is a common condition that can have [...]

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How to Manage Your Dog’s Weight

Manage Your Dog's Weight In our society, there is a huge emphasis on weight and all that goes with it. Attaining and maintaining a weight within the range recommended for your age/height range promotes a healthier life in every aspect. Unfortunately, the detrimental effects of obesity are not limited to humans [...]

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Pet Dermatology

Veterinary Dermatology Serving Madison, Decatur and Huntsville, AL Dog skin problems, itching, discomfort, allergies. Lovely to look at and essential to well being; healthy skin is happy skin. For pets and humans alike, this largest organ in the body serves an indispensable protective role. A better understanding of skin’s [...]

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Kids and Dogs – Good for Each Other

Dogs Are Good for Kids & Grown Ups Too! Most children love having dogs as pets. Inviting a dog into the family home can actually be healthy for your kids. Studies have shown that when a dog lives in a home with young children, the children experience fewer respiratory tract infections, less [...]

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Cat Obedience Training 101

Cat Obedience Training When you hear someone say, "Sit. Stay. Come. Good Girl or That’s a Boy", do you automatically assume someone is giving commands to a dog? Most people, including cat owners, don’t really consider training a cat to respond to commands the same way that dogs do. You don’t [...]

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