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Category Archives: Preventative Pet Health Care

Like children, pets are curious and often cannot resist smelling, tasting or ingesting something that captures their interest. Unfortunately, there are many items and products that can be very harmful. However, taking simple precautions and steps can help prevent pet poisoning. One of the best ways to avoid pet poisoning is to remove or secure […]

When it comes to preventive care for our pets there is one serious, common disease that can be prevented,  or if detected early it can be treated successfully. The mere thought of it makes most of us queasy, but if a pet is infected it can result in a struggle to survive. Heartworm disease is a serious and […]

We all love our furry four legged friends and treat them like our own children; however, there are canine behavioral traits that every responsible pet owner needs to be aware of. By nature, the vast majority of dogs in American households (70 million) tend to be properly trained and socialized; however, even the cuddliest, fuzziest, […]

When it comes to pet safety and poisonous substances, pet owners should think of their pets in the same way they would a toddler. Everything that is dangerous that they can chew, lick, spill or touch should be kept securely out-of-reach. Each year, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center manages more than 180,000 cases of […]

Holiday Safety Tips for Your Pet Although we think of fall as the start of the holiday season during which foliage changes and homes are decorated for festivities, the holiday season is an especially dangerous time for our pets due to the increased potential for accidental ingestion of household poisons. Do you know which items […]

The third annual National Pet Fire Safety Day is July 15, 2014. Statistics compiled by the National Fire Protection Association estimate that over 500,000 pets are impacted in home fires each year, with about 1,000 fires actually started by the pets accidentally. Jointly, the American Kennel Club® and ADT Security Services are committed to spread […]

Imagine yourself wearing a thick fur coat in the middle of July, standing outside in the sun in the middle of the day. That’s what it feels like to a dog, which are generally heat-intolerant. Using common sense can help prevent an animal from enduring heat stress, or even worse, heat stroke. But should a […]

Losing a pet is one of the most terrifying parts of a pet owner’s life; from the moment you realize that you do not know where your beloved pet is to those agonizing hours, days or even more afterwards, while you wait for your pet to be found. For some, the wait never ends. The […]

Domestic cats have lives that are a far cry from the day-to-day struggle of their early ancestors. Today’s cats are more likely to be beloved pets, coddled by their owners, living in comfortable homes. Although north Alabama environments provide many opportunities for cats to stalk birds and small game, most cats live their lives indoors […]

Dogs and Chocolate Dog owners know that dogs seem to be endlessly on the lookout for snacks and will eat just about anything they are given or can get their paws on. Unfortunately this includes chocolate, which is toxic to dogs. With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s important to keep your dogs away from any […]