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Category Archives: Pet Dental Care

Proper dental care for your pet is just as significant as quality dental care for humans. In fact, brushing your pet’s teeth on a regular basis may prevent numerous dental issues like early tooth decay, gum disease and other problems. In addition, by regularly brushing your pet’s teeth you will be more aware of any […]

Like their humans, pets need regular dental examinations and teeth cleanings. Yearly pet exams at Whitworth Animal Clinic include a thorough inspection of teeth and gums because Dr. Whitworth knows good dental health is vitally important to the overall well-being of our canine and feline friends. We often neglect our pet’s teeth. The most common […]

When you think about causes of bad breath among humans you may envision garlic bread, black coffee, onions, smoking, tuna fish sandwiches, illness and poor oral hygiene. But why do dogs get, well, dog breath? When your dog wants to show you love with a few big, slurpy kisses on the nose, and the stinky […]

There is a lot to smile about in February – Valentines Day, Presidents Day, and National Pet Dental Month.  So, let’s see those smiles! Pet family members – get ready, set, pucker up! Bad breath in a pet is not just a reflection of the ingredients in the food your pet eats. That odor might […]

Pet Dental Tips The American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC) emphasizes the importance of between-checkup home pet dental care for your pet’s comfort and safety. The truth is, having your pet’s teeth cleaned during vet checkups simply is not enough to ensure good oral hygiene. Only with regular, consistent mouth care can you keep plaque, tartar, […]

Teeth Cleaning for Pets You are probably aware of how important it is for you to have regular dental cleanings, but did you know your pet’s mouth needs similar care? Without regular oral care your pet could suffer from plaque and tartar build up that could lead to periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can lead to tooth […]