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Category Archives: Pet Wellness

Does your pet suffer from allergies? When pets begin to itch and scratch, some owners are quick to blame fleas. However, these blood-sucking insects are not always the culprits. The irritation could also point to another type of allergic condition. Let’s examine the most common pet allergies. Environmental Allergies A lot of people tend to […]

Don’t allow your dog to become a lazy couch potato that only wants to eat and sleep. Not only do active dogs live longer, but they also tend to be happier pets. Let’s examine the ways that exercise can benefit dog owners. A more peaceful home If you live with a canine that constantly barks, […]

Healthier Treat Alternatives Dog owners enjoy giving their beloved pets treats for many different reasons. Some use treats as training incentives. People may feel compelled to give a treat to canine companions when they feel inclined to indulge. However, while there is nothing wrong with rewarding a pet, the type of snack chosen may not […]

What do you think of when someone mentions that their pet has arthritis? Most people will assume they are talking about hip problems usually associated with a number of large breed dogs. And it’s true, many large breed dogs develop very obvious symptoms of hip dysplasia or other joint issues, such as favoring a leg, […]

Happy New Year from Whitworth Animal Clinic! Are you ready for the New Year? Resolutions are a great way to start off a fresh new year, and many of the same resolutions you make for yourself and your family – eating better, getting more exercise, taking time enjoying life – are appropriate for your four […]

Most all pet owners agree that no matter the age, our furry friends will always be our babies. As they age, it is our responsibility to make sure that they get the care needed to thrive in their senior years. It is no secret that pets are living longer lives as a result of improved […]

Whitworth Animal Clinic is joining cat lovers and animal health & welfare organizations nationwide to celebrate and spoil our furry feline companions during the month of September 2015. To show dedication and unconditional love to cats everywhere, owners can take advantage of new, creative approaches to entertain, pamper, and maintain optimal health all year long. […]

In our society, there is a huge emphasis on weight and all that goes with it. Attaining and maintaining a weight within the range recommended for your age/height range promotes a healthier life in every aspect. Unfortunately, the detrimental effects of obesity are not limited to humans – pets suffer similar risks for health impacts […]

Should Dogs and Cats Eat Grain? It’s hard for most of us to imagine that our fluffy pets evolved from large, aggressive, savage predators prowling the forests and open plains of long ago to become the docile “best friends” that we share our lives with today. Dogs most likely resembled giant wolves and cats had […]

We all know the power of a hug and how it makes us feel inside. Affection from a cat is very special because it indicates that your pet feels safe and loved – you are best friends! To honor this special bond between cat owners and their furry friends, June 4th has been declared National […]