photo of an owner holding his cat's head in his handWith June being Adopt-a-Cat Month, now is the perfect time to open up your home to a new pet. An orphaned animal will be more than happy to become a part of your family. You could develop a loving friendship that lasts for a lifetime. Here are some of the key benefits of adopting an older cat.

Already Housebroken

If you like to keep things neat and in order, a cat may prove to be the ideal pet. Although kittens are definitely cute and adorable, mature cats tend to be less destructive. The chances of you coming home to a big mess are very slim. In most instances, you won’t even need to housebreak an older cat. They’ll instinctively know how to use a litter box. Furthermore, cats have the ability to bathe themselves.

Great Companions

Everyone needs a friend that they can count on. After adopting a cat, you will quickly start to bond with your new pal. According to a study, cats can be just as fulfilling as human friends. Whether you’re lounging on the couch watching a movie or relaxing in the yard, your cat will be there to provide company.

Interact Well With Children

Older cats know how to interact with kids. This is especially true for the cats that were raised around children. Grown cats are usually far gentler than energetic kittens and puppies. Although older cats act more mature, they still love to play. A cat’s funny antics are bound to keep your children entertained throughout the day.


As you may know, cats are very independent animals. Although cats desire love and affection, they don’t need constant attention. This is a major benefit for the people who have a busy life. In contrast to dogs, cats don’t need to be walked.

Reasons Not to Give a Pet as a Gift

Whitworth Animal Clinic urges you to think twice before adopting a cat for someone else. Not everyone is interested in caring for a pet. If the person isn’t fond of animals or isn’t able to properly care for the cat, it’ll likely end up back in the shelter. This puts the cat in a terrible situation.

Don’t miss out on Adopt-a-Cat Month. Located in North Alabama, Whitworth Animal Clinic will help you to take good care of your cat. Our veterinary practice offers a wide range of important pet services, including vaccinations and emergency care.

*This article is not meant to take the place of professional veterinarian advice. If you have any questions, call the staff at Whitworth Animal Clinic or make an appointment with Dr. Whitworth.

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