image of a dog watching a movie with popcorn and cokeFor many people, nothing beats spending the holidays with their family and friends. If you are a dog owner, your pooch will also be around to help boost your spirits. Here are a few dog movies that Whitworth Animal Clinic urges you to view this holiday season.

I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown
In this fun Christmas cartoon, Linus and Lucy’s younger brother longs for a new puppy. Snoopy’s brother Spike may prove to be the perfect companion.

The Search for Santa Pause
Santa has gone missing and he needs to be found as soon as possible. Will a team of magical dogs and an elf be able to save Christmas?

Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure
After an elf accidentally crashes Santa’s sled, the magical toy bag comes up missing. To ensure that Christmas goes as planned, Beethoven must help recover this treasured bag from some conniving thieves.

The 12 Dogs of Christmas
It seems as if everyone has forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. This movie shows how a young girl uses dogs to help inspire people.

A Dog Named Christmas
A young man, who is mentally challenged, wants everyone to understand the importance of the town’s “Adopt a Dog for Christmas” program. The staff at Whitworth Animal Clinic recommends this film for true dog lovers.

An All Dogs Christmas Carol
Although this is a funny cartoon, it still manages to highlight the importance of thinking about others. Dealing with a serious injury, Timmy must rely upon friends to recover the money for his operation.

Santa Buddies
If you want to get inspiration for the holidays, be sure to watch Santa Buddies. It is bound to put a smile on everyone’s face.

The Dog Who Saved Christmas
The fate of a family’s Christmas rests in a lone dog. Can he overcome the thieves who have no intentions of giving up easily?

Up on the Wooftop
While Toby is an extremely small dog, he maintains his dream of one day leading Santa’s sleigh.

Chilly Christmas
Chilly is a beach dog that has always lived in sunny California. When his family decides to move to the big city of New York, they plan to find him a new owner. However, Chilly and an 11-year-old boy refuse to let that happen.

One Christmas Eve
In this heartwarming movie, a loving puppy helps reunite a family who has been dealing with a recent divorce.

Dog of Flanders
Suffering from a great deal of physical abuse, a neglected dog is fortunately nursed back to health by a young boy and his grandfather. As you watch the movie, you will discover why this dog becomes such an important part of their life.

Lost Christmas
Don’t miss out on Lost Christmas if you love the sight of a cute puppy. It shows the power of miracles.

Located in Madison, Whitworth Animal Clinic proudly serves Huntsville, Decatur, and the surrounding areas in north Alabama. Led by Dr. Charles Whitworth, our facility provides a number of important pet services. Whitworth Animal Clinic wishes all of our clients and their furry family members a happy holiday season!

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