photo of a veterinarian holding a cat and using a stethoscope on its neckDid you know that pet owners are much more likely to bring their dogs to the vet than their cats? Yet cats have just as many potential health problems as dogs, and there’s no doubt that cats are just as loved by their owners as dogs are.

Cats just have a way of appearing self-sufficient. Yet outdoor and indoor-outdoor cats are running risks every day that can be minimized with a quick trip to the Vet. Indoor cats may appear immune to certain diseases, but this is a false sense of security that leads some owners to think their cats don’t need care. Here are three reasons that vet visits are as essential for cats as they are dogs.

Hiding Their Feelings

Pain isn’t expressed by a cat like it may be in a dog. Accustomed as cats are to taking care of their own hygiene, most cats deal with their problems independently of humans. Even the cuddliest feline is as good at hiding its feelings as it is at simply hiding. Loud complaining cats hide their real problems behind their imaginary complaints. Furthermore, not all disorders cause pain, and yet they are doing damage day by day. This makes it essential to see the Vet regularly. A gentle exam and lab work may reveal what the cat can’t tell you. It also provides a benchmark for the next visit to the Whitworth Animal Clinic.

Preventative Care

Veterinary care has developed ways to monitor, prevent and treat diseases once fatal to cats. Although it can be a struggle to get your cat into its crate, it is definitely worth the trouble to bring him or her to Whitworth Animal Clinic. Simple, routine testing can reveal small problems before they turn into big ones. Regular medications may bring a lethargic cat back to its playful self. Heartworm prevention will ensure that your cat lives a longer, healthier life. Other issues such as flea prevention and diet problems can be resolved. Preventative dental care can ensure a cat’s teeth remain healthy throughout its lifespan. Since cats age at a rate four times that of humans, you could say a yearly visit equals a human being seeing the doctor only once every four years. That puts in perspective how critical it is to bring your cat regularly to the Vet. In the long run, preventative care is much more cost effective than advanced treatments, and it reassures you that your cat is as healthy as it can be. Whitworth Animal Clinic wants to be your partner in extending the life of your cat.

Age-Appropriate Care

Many people are aware of how quickly a kitten’s health can turn. Kittens are growing rapidly. They no sooner enter one stage than they start moving on to the next. This makes regular kitten visits essential. As they age, it is important to remember that cats age faster than humans. This includes the progression of diseases. Lab work may be perfect at the year mark and reveal a big problem six months later. The key is regular visits to catch problems early. This may also save money by preventing emergency visits when it may be too late to correct a problem. At Whitworth Animal Clinic, we often find ourselves explaining that indoor cats are just as susceptible to disease. In fact, since many live longer than outdoor cats, you could say they are more likely to develop cancer, diabetes and other problems. Senior cats need special care and extra monitoring to catch the onset of an illness. Managing senior health problems can extend the life of your cat. If you have questions about age-appropriate care, the staff at Whitworth Animal Clinic is ready with answers and solutions.

Bring your cat to Whitworth Animal Clinic for a check up. Let us partner with you for the life of your pet.

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