photo of a little white maltese dog and human food ingredients toxic to himIf you’re a pet owner, be sure to download the app for Animal Poison Control. It may one day save your friend’s life. Believe it or not, even tasty treats from your cabinet can put a pet’s life in serious danger. Here are some of the potential dangers that may lurk in and out of your home.

People Food

Think twice before giving your pet leftovers from the kitchen table. Although these foods may seem harmless, they could wreak havoc on your pet’s digestive system. According to the ASPCA, dark chocolate is an absolute no-no. It can cause pets to experience a wide range of troublesome symptoms, including abnormal heart rhythm and seizures. Some of the other dangerous foods include raisins, yeast dough, and salty snacks. Despite being a favorite among dogs, raw bones can actually puncture a pet’s stomach.


Plants definitely make your home look more inviting. Although there are also health benefits to having plants around, be sure to keep them away from your pets. Some are toxic to certain pets. For example, Azalea leaves can cause dogs to experience severe diarrhea. Meanwhile, just a few nibbles of an Easter lily may cause a cat to vomit.

Household Products

It’s no secret that pets are known to be quite curious. Unfamiliar smells will cause them to investigate. Never, ever make the mistake of leaving cleaning supplies out. Whitworth Animal Clinic recommends that you keep them stored in a secure area at all times. If you happen to find your pet licking a spilled chemical, contact Animal Poison Control by calling (888) 426-4435 immediately!


The overwhelming majority of human medications are not safe for pets. As you probably already know, some pets have a knack for chewing on stuff. You certainly don’t want them to gnaw on your prescription bottles. Tylenol, antidepressants, and blood pressure pills are all toxic to animals.

Outdoor Hazards

Make sure that the yard remains a safe place for pets to roam. As we discussed earlier, you should be careful about growing certain plants in your garden. Insecticides and pesticides pose an even greater threat to animals. Even in small amounts, these toxic chemicals may require emergency attention. If your vehicle happens to leak engine coolant on the ground, clean it up as soon as possible.

Located in Madison, Whitworth Animal Control proudly serves North Alabama and all of the surrounding areas. We provide veterinary emergency care, which gives your pet around-the-clock access to help. We also offer plenty of other important pet services, including micro-chipping and vaccinations.

* This article is not meant to take the place of professional veterinarian advice. If you have questions, please call the staff at Whitworth Animal Clinic or contact a vet in your area.

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