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When Dr. Charles D. Whitworth, DVM says, “Give your dog this pill twice a day,” don’t panic. It’s no secret that most pets hate taking pills. Many will even turn away in refusal. Using a few clever tactics will help you to overcome this problem.

Hot Dogs

Dogs typically go crazy over hot dogs. As a pet owner, you can use this fact to your advantage. After making an indent in a hot dog, simply plug it with the pill. Even large capsules can be hidden in big chunks. However, always make your pet’s health a top priority. Low-sodium hot dogs are definitely a better choice.

Chicken Hearts

Chicken hearts are perfect for the purpose of concealing pills. The heart’s natural opening makes the task especially easy. If you’re having trouble stuffing a pill down the aorta, slightly cut the tube to make it fit. Cooking the chicken heart for about 10 minutes will further enhance its tastiness. Your pet will greatly appreciate the extra effort.

Pasty Foods

Pasty foods help prevent dogs from uncovering a hidden medication. Liver paté is an especially great option. It’s a scrumptious treat that your dog will love. Most importantly, they won’t even notice the bad-tasting pill. Because liver paté is high in fat, you only need to give your pet a small piece.

Light Cream Cheese

While some dogs have no trouble consuming dairy, others experience difficulty digesting it. If your dog isn’t lactose intolerant, light cream cheese may prove to be a good option. Spreading it around the pill will help ward off a dog’s curiosity. The creamy nature of light cream cheese also makes it difficult for pets to separate the capsule.

Homemade Pill Pockets

Although pill pockets are readily available, you can opt to make your own at home. They take the difficulty out of medicating your dog. Flour, peanut butter, and coconut oil are the main ingredients needed. After stirring the mixture in a bowl, simply roll the balls on wax paper. Next, use the end of a pencil to put a small hole in each ball. You can freeze them to be used at a later date.

photo of a dog bowl full of food with pills on topIf you want to learn more about how to give your dog a pill, be sure to contact Whitworth Animal Clinic. Although our office is located in Madison, we proudly serve all the surrounding areas in north Alabama. From vaccinations to veterinary surgery, Whitworth Animal Clinic offers a wide range of different pet services. Call to schedule an appointment with Charles D. Whitworth, DVM.

*This article is not meant to take the place of professional veterinarian advice. If you have questions, call the staff at Whitworth Animal Clinic or make an appointment with a vet in your area.

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